Facts About the Nursing Home

Could a nursing home be the right choice for your aging loved one? Choosing to use the services provided from a nursing home is a big decision, but sometimes the right decision. These skilled nursing facilities provide round the clock care for patients who would otherwise endure a fractured quality of life. A few important facts about nursing homes that you should ponder:

michigan nursing home

  • By 2026, there
    will be more than 71 million Americans over the age of 65 years old.
  • Of those turning
    65, 69% will need the services provided by a michigan nursing home or those
    in other states.
  • More than 1.4
    million people use nursing home services today.
  • The average age
    for a move into a skilled nursing facility is 79.
  • It costs about
    $69,000 each year to house a patient in a nursing home. Most insurance
    pays for these fees. Medicaid pays for about half of these fees.
  • More than 97,000
    people work in nursing homes.

·    Making the move to a nursing home is a big decision, but there are a plethora of benefits that come with it. Those benefits include:

  • Family members
    can tend to their lives without worry their loved one is suffering due to
    a lack of care when they reside in a nursing home.
  • Nursing homes
    provide 24-hour care. Nurses and other skilled caregivers are always there
    to help your loved one.
  • Patients in
    nursing home have many social activities to help them thrive. They’re also
    around people of the same age and can mingle well with them, sustaining
    quality of life.
  • Food,
    housekeeping, and patient companionship are additional benefits that your
    loved one receives from the nursing home.
  • It is a safe,
    comfortable environment.
  • Many facilities
    offer care, any of which you can choose to provide care to your loved one.