Need to make sure your sexual harassment policies are up to standard?

This is a really touchy subject at the moment. Women across the country are angry. They are protesting in larger numbers than ever. In context, more women have taken to the streets since the current administration took power than people protested the Vietnam War.

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In the past women may have been trained to shrug it off and shut up about it. But you can’t expect that anymore, so if you’re not sure what constitutes harassment maybe it is time to take a sexual harassment course indianapolis indiana.

If you’re not sure you need to do this, think again. This topic is incendiary. Women are angry about being sidelined, they are angry that our lawmakers seem able to ignore the will of the people, even when it is made abundantly clear by men and women alike. They are angry at the individual perpetrators and they are angry at the people who protect them.

In this day and age to take an accusation of sexual harassment as nothing to be concerned about is professional suicide. The implications of hoping this will go away are madness. The question to any person in a position of authority is what would you do if this were yourÂ… substitute a female pronoun of your choice?

This issue is not just about calling someone “sweetheart’ in a patronizing sort of way, although of course, yes, that can be construed as harassment. This is the backlash against millennia of women being silenced, of being told to shut up, of being silenced and not being believed.

Harassment is not something anyone, female, male or anywhere on the spectrum should have to experience anywhere, but most definitely not at work. How your company treats this topic is absolutely critical.